Enhancing Talent Acquisition Output

We act as the catalyst to accelerate the overall output of your TA function.
We help in improving the TA process , we mentor the internal TA team and bring in in the right TA Vendors thus improving the overall TA metrics i.e. TaT, CoH, and CPH only within a span of 45-90 days!

Is your recruitment process fully efficient ? From position identification to sourcing / screening, assessments / interviewing, offer / negotiations / joining and onboarding --> are all these process steps working seamlessly and delivering the results that you need ?

Are you able to manage all your hiring needs within the prescribed budgets ? Do you think you have scope for improving spends associated with Talent Acquisition ?

Are you able to measure the following metrics to gauge the success rate of your Talent Acquisition engine :

We act as ‘catalysts’ to accelerate the output of your Talent Acquisition function.


Process Improvements Recommending the right Tech tools, compensation grids, driving interviewer calibration, identifying & removing bottlenecks in the process.

Team Performance Improvements
TA WAR ROOM simulation, on the job coaching on best practices in sourcing, screening, selection & offer negotiation.

Exclusive Vendor Partner Network
Bringing in specialist TA partners / tech experts to facilitate faster & cost effective closures.

Our interventions result in improving the below Talent Acquisition metrics.

● TaT ➜ ( Turn Around Time ) Position open to offer made date & position open to joining date.
● CpH ➜ ( Cost per Hire ) Average of all costs incurred to close a position.
● CoH ➜ ( Cost of Hire ) Prescribed salary grids based on technology, domain, skill & experience levels.
● Source Mix ➜ What’s the ratio between direct sourced, vendor sourced, internal referrals, impacts CpH.
● Joining Ratio ➜ Number of joiners against offers made, impacts all of the above.

All this leading to measurable improvement trends in your Talent Acquisition outcomes in 45 to 90 days.