Leadership Hiring

Hiring the right leadership & managerial talent is a challenging and time-taking task.
Our strong network across industries, our sourcing & candidate engagement processes and our capability to assess role, person & organization fitment makes us your preferred partner for Leadership & Managerial hiring.


The single most important factor which determines the success or failure of an organization is the quality of its leadership. There are two primary ways of ensuring the right leader for the right role – Build or Buy. While the first one is more internal focused and concerned with how we shape our high performing employees into leaders, the second one is about looking at the external market and onboarding a leader who can change the fate of an organization.

Leadership hiring is one of the most critical responsibility of the Business Owner/CEO. We don’t operate as recruitment consultants but our endeavor is to partner with our clients and help them make an objective, effective and well-informed hiring decision.

Our leadership hiring process has 5 distinctive steps :

1.Requiremnet Gathering
We connect with our clients to understand their business - current realites and future aspirations, the critical expectations from the role, skill / competences that the role holder should demonstrate and cultural and industry context.

2.Market Intelligence
Based on the requirements, we conduct our market research and look for who all are the best suited probable candidates for our client. We present a range of candidates who according to us are the best fit for the role. We share this list with our clients and have a discussion to shortlist top 5 candidates from this exhaustive list.
3.Candidate Assessment
We reach-out to the shortlisted candidates and propose the role & opportunity. We then do a very detailed assessment of these candidates from a leadership competency, role, culturea and value fit perspective. Our expertise in competency based interviewing and multiple psychometric tools helps.
4.Interview Selection & Offer Acceptance
We work towards creating a smooth interview experience for both our clients and the candidates. Once the client makes the final selection, we work with the client to help make an offer which is win-win both, to the client and the candidates.

5.On boarding
After the candidates accepts the offer we stay in touch with the candidate and our client in order to ensure there is an ongoing channel of communicatio which is maintained. We take complete ownership in order to ensure the candidate joins our client.