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1. HR Transformation for a $75 MN IT Services firm

Context :

Client company has grown ~25% in topline for past 3 years with a similar outlook for the next 3 years. To manage the growth and backfills, company is adding atleast 30% additional HC each year. The HR function (excluding recruitment) had not scaled up to the expected level, did not have the right leader and was not delivering the required business outcomes.


Almost all HR processes were functioning at minimum maturity level and were far away from the efficiency and effectiveness required for a company growing at ~25+%.
Current team lacks direction and does not have high credibility.


Redesign HR Processes to make them current, agile, simple and define measurable outcomes.
Goal setting, weekly, monthly review mechanism & culture for HR Team.
Hire a new HR Head.


Efficiency & Effectiveness metrics rolled out for all HR lifecycle areas
On the job monitoring, coaching & review with the HR team.
Calenderized progress updates & dashboards to all stakeholders.
Recruited the right HR Leader & help in transition.


Continuous review of all functional areas & team performance metrics leading to predictable, measurable HR delivery engine.
Highly engaged HR Team.
Improved stakeholder credibility.
Well assimilated HR Leader.

 2. TA Transformation

● Assignment : Revamping the recruitment engine of a global tech services firm in 120 days.
● Impact : Enhanced efficiency & effectiveness across Recruitment Lifecycle with Measurable improvements in
●  Overall Turn Around Time
● Cost of Hire.
● Cost per hire.
● Joining ratio.

 3. Performance Management

● Assignment : Design and deploy new global performance management philosophy, process & initiatives for a $50 MN IT Services firm.
● Impact : Track & achieve biz outcomes.
● 10+% Improvement in talent engagement scores within 2 qtrs.
●  Change of culture from review to Biz Preview.
●  Variable Pay as a performance driver.

 4. Employer Branding

● Assignment : Craft & execute a compelling employer branding strategy for a global tech services firm.
● Impact : 20% reduction in cost of hire in 0 to 90 days.
● 30+% improvement in joining ratio.
● 30+% increase in referrals.
● Measurable improvement engagement & retention scores.

 5. Career Management

● Assignment : Design & deploying an effective Career management framework for a Indian telecom tech firm.
● Impact : Enhanced efficiency & effectiveness across Recruitment Lifecycle with Measurable improvements in
●  ~9% increased retention rates in 12 months.

 6. Leadership Development

● Assignment : Design, deploy & Institutionalize Leadership Development intervention for Junior and Mid management leaders in a Indian IT services firm.

● Impact : Strong leadership pipeline; 50+% of managerial roles filled by home-grown talent.
● Enhanced engagement & retention.

 7. Biz Performance Assurance

● Assignment : Design & deploying a biz performance review mechanism for a $75M IT Consulting firm.

● Impact : 6+% bottom line improvement in 3 qtrs.